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On stage tonight pouring beer down the lead singers throat at Bowery’s in myrtle beach. Go crazy or go home! #saydat #springbreak #leetravisandthebountyhunters
Happy St. Pattys day!! 🍀🍻🍀#fuckyeah #greenbeer
Before & After! Took almost a month but my baby made a full recovery. She cleaned up, sparkling, Good to go 🚕💊🏥🎉🐝👌#dabug #GladWeDidntHaveToSayGoobye#shesafighter
Our cute little beach date Sunday, that I forgot to post. #relaxing #budlightlime 🍋🍻🌊☀❤ @shawnz_
I couldn’t ask for more, I was spoiled for 14 days straight, Im treated not only like a princess on valentines day, but everyday. I’m honestly blessed to have such an amazing person in my life, and lucky to be able to call her mine. Thank you @shawnz_ . You never stop amazing me ❤😍😘 love you ❤
Brought baby to her first mcc bike night, introducing her to the new way of life as my associate member 😍😘👭❤. #elkmember #mcc #hd
Wasted away again in margaritaville. No fcks given about getting up at 630am tomorrow for our CPR class . 😂👭😝🍸#turndownforwhat
#tbt we were soooo tan 😩 #summer #bringmeback
You see all my light and you love my dark .You dig everything of which I’m ashamed 😏😘
My 20 1/2 birthday shots!! Any excuse to party 😂🎉👌🍻😁 #happyhalfbdaytome #saydat
Me and @shawnz_ lost our minds at the peperidge Farm outlet 😂🙏🐟 yolo #turndownfowhat
#tbt beginning of last years riding season. Can’t wait for the warm weather 🙏🚲💨😎💙 #bikerbitch #saydat